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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Retro 13'2 black altitude/green

Hey guys, quick review on the Nike Air Jordan Retro 13's, specifically the black altitude/green model.  I actually had the original 13 model before they launched the retro model in December of 2010 and I have to say that I like the new model a little better.  The material on the new model seems to be of better quality and  the colors are more rich.  As far as comfort goes, they are very comfortable though a little heavy.  Look-wise, in my opinion, they are one of the coolest looking Jordan's ever.  I love the color scheme and the plainness.  The heel is a little different than most shoes with its crooked design;  this makes the shoe stand out from others.  The price is a little high at 160 dollars but i was very satisfied with the quality and comfort after i bought them.  When the new retro model was released in December, the supply definitely didn't meet the demand seeing that they sold out online in under 24 hours; I view this as a negative.  If you are trying to buy the Retro 13's now, good luck finding them and finding them in your size.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jordan Review

Hi, I am a college student at West Virginia University and I love shoes, especially Nike Air Jordans.  I am constantly looking at the newest models of Air Jordan sneakers and I personally own over 50 pair of Jordans.  To many this might seem outrageous, but if you are a shoe-lover like me you understand why I have so many.  I will be posting reviews about many of the newest model Jordan sneakers; I will discuss features such as comfort, look, design, price, quality, etc. I hope my posts will be enjoyable and informative when you are looking to buy a new pair of sneakers.